Even I Deal with Internalized Misogyny

I am an unabashed badass feminist. I believe that all oppression is linked, so you have to fight for everyone’s equality in order to secure your own. I am powerful and firm in my beliefs. I say this to you, but also as a reminder to myself. Misogyny is so pervasive and ingrained in us that sometimes we have to fight against our own thoughts.

I was recently at a wedding where I knew very few people. I was dancing with the lovely folks at my table all in a group. Some guy sidled up to the group, and to me specifically. He extended his hand, expecting me to take it and dance with him. I didn’t and kept dancing with the group. Since then, I’ve been repeating on a continual loop in my head that I did nothing wrong and that I didn’t owe that guy anything. This is internalized misogyny: having to defend my own autonomy…to myself.


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