We’ve Already Tried Conservative Policies…And They Failed

For the most part, we have already tried all of the conservative policies, and they sucked so we changed them. We’ve already tried having abortion and birth control be illegal. Wire hangers and unwanted children galore. Dirty Dancing is a cautionary tale from Penny’s perspective.

We’ve already tried voter suppression. It caused voter fucking suppression!

We’ve already tried trickle-down economics. Guess who it benefitted, and guess who it hurt.

We’ve already tried LGBTQ discrimination. A research study recently came out saying that since same-sex marriage became legal, teen suicide rates have fallen. Funny how that works-when we have laws accepting people for who they are, they don’t grow up fucking miserable.

We’ve already tried unequal pay. According to the National Women’s Law Center, in 2015, 36.5% of families headed by single mothers lived in poverty, and 56.2% of all poor children lived in female-headed families. If we have equal pay, all of these women and families will have more income and rely less on public benefits. Raising the minimum wage will also help a lot here. Math.

We’ve already tried no environmental regulations. We needed commercials begging people to not pollute. Also, Flint still doesn’t have clean drinking water.

We’ve already tried no unions or labor laws. Hello Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, child labor, and no weekends.

We’ve already tried not having safety nets for low-income people or people with disabilities. Remember the Great Depression? We put these safety nets in place to prevent it from happening again. STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

We’ve already tried not having the Affordable Care Act. People died or went bankrupt paying for their care. PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS ARGH!

We’ve already tried lax gun laws. Just look at the rates of gun violence in the U.S. compared to any other developed country. #icant

We’ve already tried discrimination based on race and religion. Do I even have to?

Are these the good old days they keep talking about? So, until conservatives can come up with any policies we haven’t already tried and rejected, can they please STFU and stop trying to pull the rest of the country backwards?!?!



Tax Cuts and Public Benefits are the Same


There is a weird stigma attached to receiving public benefits, like SNAP (formerly known as food stamps), Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), and housing assistance. Yet there is zero stigma, even pride, in “working the system” to pay less in taxes. Since these benefits help people on the opposite ends of the wealth spectrum, there’s a disconnect in what these things really are. Tax cuts and public benefits are both the government giving people money. They are the same. The only difference is that public benefits come with a lot more strings attached and hoops to jump through.

When someone says that people over a certain income level should get tax cuts, and to pay for them, we should cut welfare programs, they are basically saying that a rich person deserves another fancy car, while a low-income person doesn’t deserve to eat. And that’s why fiscal conservatism is bullshit. Trickle-down economics is bullshit. When given tax breaks, rich people do not create more jobs or put that money into the economy; they keep it. So, we need to start thinking of tax cuts as handouts to people who don’t need them, which they are. End rant.